Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things You Loved as a Kid

I have very fond memories of the things I did as a kid. Camping out on church trips, playing in the snow, making mud pies, and running a snack and lemonade stand just to name a few. I also remember leaving school and instead of walking to the daycare, I would go to my dads office where he would always let me stay with him until it was time to go home.

Collecting bottles, skipping rocks on a lake, kicking a can, riding my bike, shooting my bb gun, playing team sports, fishing at my uncles, walking on the railroad tracks, and flying a kite.

These are the same things that we should make sure we have our kids do especially if they are young.

If you are reading this post make sure to take time to do what every kid loves..... spend quality time with them. What you do doesnt even matter, just ask them if you dont believe me. I spent some time on the trampoline with my daughter tonight and just watching the smile on her face was more than enough for me.

So share with all of us (in the comment section)what some of your fondest memories were from your childhood. It might just give us a bunch of ideas to do with our own kids.

Most importantly, find some time every day to spend with your kids. It will mean more to them than you will ever know.

Love and Prayers,

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Beth in NC said...

Hi Tim! Unfortunately, my child can't do many of the things I enjoyed because the times are so different. Now children can't be out of our site, but when I was little I loved walking through the woods. I also drove my motorcycle - Honda CT70 (ha) down paths in the woods too. My parents never really knew where I was. I enjoyed mud pies too -- climbing trees, riding the tractor with my Dad. Times were definitely different back then.

Glad you're back!


Tim said...

Your so right Beth. Time were VERY different. We never even locked our doors when we left the house, nor when we were in it. I rode my bike to school and walked the neighborhood on my own.

I dont let me kids out the front door unless I am with them. Only place they can go on their own is in the backyard and its fenced in. They dont know it but I watch them anyway thru the windows.

Things have changed and it really is very sad. Doesnt mean that we cant allow our kids to enjoy some of the same things we enjoyed as children tho right? I loved walking thru the woods and climbing trees too, those were good ones!

Love and Prayers,